Kingud Bike Cleaner

Kingud Bike Cleaner

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So, here it is, the “Bottle For Life” just keep on refilling it and if the trigger ever gets tired we’ll send you another* 

The 500ml or 1ltr spun aluminium bottle has excellent ergonomics  and looks stunning with it’s hand applied livery. Doesn’t just look good, the improved formula wash works a treat with the two position foaming trigger.

Many modern composite bikes have surfaces which can be damaged by traditional solvent based cleaners. Kingud biodegradable bike cleaner is a water based product which lifts mud, dirt, salt, brake dust, oil, and insect remains quickly and safely from wet or dry surfaces. Kingud multi-surface cleaner for bikes will help keep your favourite ride in pristine condition.

We care about the environment stop wasting plastic and buy a bottle for life!!!!!